Look for the Helpers

I had intended when I woke up this morning to write about Kira and I going to Doko Fest yesterday.  It was fun.  A lovely, sunny day with my mom and my dog and my best friend, listening to some fantastic music and splitting a watermelon next to a beautiful pond.  It was really idyllic.

But then I heard about Orlando.  And once again, I find myself at a point where I can’t quite grasp that something this horrible has happened.  The worst mass shooting in American history was not what I expected to wake up to.  But who ever expects something like that?  Who would ever think that going into their school, place of worship, or a movie or nightclub with their friends would ever end in tragedy?  My heart is heavy for the families of the victims.  In South Carolina, we found ourselves faced with horrors like this just last year.  And it was amazing how the country stood with us.  Just as #PrayForCharleston took over Twitter, so has #PrayForOrlando.  And while prayers are great, it’s really important for us to do something.

Regardless of what your stances on hot button issues are, at a time like this, the most important thing is love.  To show others that you care.  Mr. Rogers can sum it up far better than me.

When times seem bleak, and hope seems lost, just remember that there is still good in the world.  Look for that brightness in the dark.  Hold onto it.  And share it with others.

For this week, through Saturday June 18th, I want to help you reach out to someone.  These are nothing special, just some quotes that I always loved or a simple hello, but I’ve designed some little greeting cards.
Cards 1
Cards 2

If you reach out to us at, I will send one of these cards to a loved one of yours.  Free of charge.  Just let me know in the email the name and address of the recipient and a one or two sentence message that you’d like written inside.

The cards read:
“You’ll be in my heart from this day on now and forever more. -Phil Collins”
“You will never regret being kind”
“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
“Courage, dear heart. – C.S. Lewis”
and of course, “Hello”

Tell me which you want and let someone know that you love them.  We need to stand strong together as a country and as human beings.  And being kind and being loving will get us one step closer.  #PrayForOrlando and for each other.  Keep their families in your prayers and all of the other families that have lost someone to senseless violence in these dark times.  Thank you.

Update: After a mind blowing first day, we’ve actually gone through all of our free cards! The people that I’ve had the chance to meet through this experience have told me some amazing stories. And the most prevalent theme was love. You’re all amazing! Thanks for participating! And don’t worry if you didn’t catch us in time because we will definitely be doing this again!

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6 thoughts on “Look for the Helpers

  1. Biz says:

    This is really sweet of you to do. Mr. Rogers’ quote also immediately came to my mind after hearing the news. Thanks for being kind!

    • Lora Hemond says:

      This was beautiful, I was going to have a card sent to my brother, June 7th was the anniversary that my nephew passed away, he had just turned three and had gotten into his mom’s car and died from the heat, as you can imagine this is a difficult time for us

  2. Katie says:

    Thank you so very much, what your doing may seem small, but it has such a huge impact! Both of you are amazing, you reminded me that even small acts of kindness make a huge difference, especially to those struggling. The world needs more people like y’all, with all of the horrific things happening, it’s easy for the bad things to eclipse all of the good things people do. Your helping make the world a better place, one card at a time. One single card touches many lives, not just the once who receive it- or even send one, for that matter.
    It’s the difficult times where even the smallest acts of kindness and hope make a big impact, thank you and God bless you all!

  3. Katie says:

    I’d like to make a donation for you guys, where could I send it? I’m thinking your going to spend a lot of time and money, I’d like to help.
    Since your making the card designs by hand, I imagine stamps, stationary, and other supplies may be helpful- even food money to keep you guys going.
    I know that it’s possible to buy stamps online, just not sure how or if you need an account to be able to both send and receive them. I also have Amazon- if you all do too I could send a gift card too.
    Please let me know what would work best- even PayPal- whatever works best for you guys. I want to try and help keep this wonderful thing going, let me know what you need or what will work, I don’t have a lot of money, but I want to give back to you guys somehow too. .
    Please let me know how I can make some sort of a donation to you guys- like I said, I don’t care what it’s for- even a movie or something- you guys deserve it and I’d like to help in any way possible. Just let me know what works best as far as sending something digitally or electronically (not sure what the correct term is).
    Thanks again!

  4. Sherri says:

    You ladies are amazing and I am so blessed that you are spreading joy and love to the world when we need it most. Another gunman at a Wal-Mart in Texas this morning. I’m affraid it will be getting worse. We need these little hopes of love and joy. So God Bless you and keep doing what you’re doing… We need it. ❤

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