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It’s been a crazy busy week! But overwhelmingly, our #SpreadSomeLove promotion was such a success.  The stories we heard were so moving.  Declarations of love, thank yous just because, reminders to keep your chin up, and just words of comfort.  I’d be lying if I said we weren’t brought to tears a few times.  But this was so fun and the response was wonderful.   I can’t tell you how many times people told us how the promotion touched them and how glad they were to see a little light in the world, even from such an act as small as this.

To recap, we offered to send out cards to a loved one through the week after the tragedy that struck Orlando last weekend.  We didn’t make it a whole week.  And there couldn’t have been a more wonderful reason!  We had 100 requests in the first 24 hours!

If the website and hashtag on our cards brought you here, or you received an anonymous card, I’m so glad you’ve found us.  Someone cared about you so much, they just wanted to send you some words of comfort and love.  And we hope it brought a smile to your face! I wanted to share a few photos of the cards as I was filling them out and getting them ready for the post.  (If you got a Christmas stamp, just know we were blown away by the response and were using every resource we had available to meet the demand!)

After the bulk depleted our brown cards, we did the rest in some bright, lovely colors!
Mose was by my side through the whole process!  My little helper 😊

On a side note, we had several people express interest in donating toward our next #SpreadSomeLove promotion and that option is in the works.  We’ll let everyone know over social media when it’s up and ready!  Much love to all of our readers!  Thank you all so much for making it happen!

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